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Viametris 3D scanner backpack

Sac à dos scanner 3D VIAmetris

The bMS3D was designed by VIAMetris in collaboration with IDEE.

This system is a backpack including LiDAR sensors and a camera (two different versions, one with 4x pinhole cameras and one with FLIR Ladybug5+ panoramic camera).

Narrow streets and pedestrian areas are seen as obstacles when it comes to mobile scanning. The new bMS3D makes this type of task feasible.

This system can be used on pedestrian paths in urban centers, on bicycle paths, on construction sites, indoors, in the forest, in shopping centers, in airports, on curbs or on sidewalks. : more or less everywhere!

VIAMETRIS has been an expert for 10 years in the 6DOF LiDAR-SLAM algorithm, which has allowed it to offer this complete solution for all types of 3D mapping applications.

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