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Mooville by Muses

Véhicule électrique Mooville by Muses

Electric vehicle Mooville by Muses

Under the chairmanship and influence of Luc Michel, CEO of IDEE, the Muses company unveils Mooville, an innovative electric utility vehicle concept.

An electric motor distributed over the four wheels which frees up a flat rolling base, ideal for transporting goods (pallets, boxes, etc.). Mooville by Muses allows a range of 90km, the quick battery change process, located on the side of the vehicle, allows quick rotation and re-touring.

Mooville by Muses
Mooville by Muses details

A staff of 27 worked on the series production of this vehicle at the Faurecia plant. The vehicle has been adopted by big names in logistics such as Chronopost, EDF, Exapaq and La Poste.

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Mooville By Muses
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