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Truck road mapper Studies

Camion road mapper Etudis

Operated by ETUDIS for high-speed outdoor environment scanning, the VMS3D-HD was designed by VIAMetris in collaboration with IDEE.

This system is a robotic arm that supports 2 LiDAR Z+F profilers allowing a scan resolution of 2 million points/second. A Velodyne SLAM sensor, FLIR Ladybug5+ panoramic camera, and multiple positioning antennas complete the package.

The robotic arm system allows several positions of the measuring equipment:

The safe position:folded arm and closed roof hatch, all the equipment is in the rear body of the vehicle and are thus protected from external aggressions. In this configuration, the vehicle can also travel in low-height areas (car park, etc.).

Scan location:arms outstretched, all the equipment is in the rear overhang position above the vehicle. This position allows an unobstructed field of vision for scanning devices.

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