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Megawave Project

Harvesting wave energy, an XXL project

Projet Megawave, moissonner l'énergie des vagues, un projet XXL. Fort potentiel de récupération d’énergie par surface de mer occupée

High potential for energy recovery per occupied sea surface:

1 km2

of surface occupied


of effective power capable of continuously producing

Tide insensitivity
Insensitivity to wave direction and frequency variation
Positioning for safety in case of heavy storms
Easy coupling of a generator set to achieve high power
Anchoring and connection system common to several machines Heavy maintenance facilitated by return to shore
System to promote marine biodiversity

The 10 GW offshore wind project in France is:

1800 km² of occupied sea

With what impact on activities: fishing, maritime traffic, national defence, yachting, etc.?

What about acceptability?

Conversely, 10GW Megawave is nearly 100 times less, i.e.:

15 km² of occupied sea

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