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Liberty Moves The World

Projet LMTW : Liberty Moves The World. La liberté à la ville ou à la campagne Véhicule ultra modulaire compagnon de tout instant Batterie swap Véhicule orienté car sharing A l’aise en ville , en utilitaire, en tout terrain Quadricycle lourd 3 adultes et un enfant
Roulons lentement, vivons intensément

Utility -Pleasure -Sobriety

Freedom in the city or in the countryside
Ultra-modular vehicle, anytime companion Battery swap
Vehicle oriented car sharing
At ease in town, in utility vehicles, on all terrain
heavy quadricycle
3 adults and a child

This vehicle makes it possible to imagine a train + container service replacing the train + car

Eolienne Idee Services

Groups, SMEs or VSEs,
you have
need IDEA!

Atelier Idee services

IDEE Services, your partner in research, development and controls, for 30 years at the service of your projects.

Mooville By Muses
Imprimante 3D
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