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Electric Modular Systemm

Electric Modular System, Composants de traction électrique à destination des véhicules neufs, du rétrofit ou de l’hybridation

Electric traction components for new vehicles, ofretrofit or ofhybridization

A range of lightweight wheel motors

14''  , 18'' , 21''

Direct drive

Freewheeling or not

Integrated disc brake

Up to 26% regeneration rate

A range of
off-road motor-wheels

With gear reducer Detachable or not
20,000 N.m peak torque
8.5 t radial load

A range
engine deck

Ultra-compact that can be housed in place of a spare wheel

Freewheeling or notLockable or controllable differential

And more !

Complete sets with battery and inverters

Battery-swap systems

With EMS, you have the freedom to design:

New vehicles with maximum usable space

Economic retrofit in pure electric

Hybrid retrofit by keeping thermal traction for long journeys and electric on the rear axle for city trips (4*4 function possible)

This last very economical option also makes it possible to increase acceptance of the switch to electric.

Eolienne Idee Services

Groups, SMEs or VSEs,
you have
need IDEA!

Atelier Idee services

IDEE Services, your partner in research, development and controls, for 30 years at the service of your projects.

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